Luka Rijeka d.d. : Bulk Cargo Terminal
The Terminal is situated in the Bakar basin, about 13 km from Rijeka, and is specialized for iron ore and coal handling, as well as other bulk and loose materials.
Luka Rijeka d.d. : Cereal Terminal
The Terminal is specially equipped to handle and store grain and oil plants; it is located in the Rijeka basin and meets all high standards of environmental protection and preservation.
Luka Rijeka d.d. : General Cargo Terminal
The Terminal handles conventional cargo and offers many adequate storage facilities close to the operations quay.
Luka Rijeka d.d. : Container & Ro-Ro Terminal
The Terminal for container handling is in the eastern part of the Port of Rijeka; the terminal’s concessionaire is Adriatic Gate j.s.c., a subsidiary of Port of Rijeka j.s.c.
Luka Rijeka d.d. : Terminal Škrljevo - Warehouse Complex
The warehouse complex is intended for the storage of various goods, as well as for final treatment, processing, processing and packaging of different products. The Terminal enjoys the status of a Free Zone.
Luka Rijeka d.d. : Timber Terminal
The Terminal is specially equipped to handle timber and to prepare sawn timber for overseas transport. Due to favourable climatic conditions, wood dries naturally.
Luka Rijeka d.d. : Frigo Terminal
The Terminal is equipped with cooling chambers for tropical fruit (bananas, oranges, lemons) and chambers for frozen meat.
Luka Rijeka d.d. : Terminal Bršica
The Multi-Purpose Terminal is adapted for handling of livestock, as well as for timber and bulk cargo; the terminal is situated in the Raša basin 60 km from Rijeka.
Luka Rijeka d.d. : Service Activity
Mooring and departure of ships in the Port of Rijeka basin, which is being handled by the subsidiary company Privez - odvez Ltd. Luka prijevoz Ltd., another subsidiary, provides the transportation of goods by lorries.