Port Handbook : Traffic Connections

Traffic Connections

Traffic Connections : Traffic Connections

Rijeka provides the shortest connection between overseas destinations and Central and Central-Eastern Europe, both with respect to land and sea routes; the quality of service compares with those in other North Adriatic ports and covers all types of cargo.

The most important traffic routes for the Port of Rijeka are the Pan-European Corridor 5, Branch B and Corridor 10. The traffic route directed to the Hungarian, Czech, Slovak market, as well as to the market of south Poland, connects Rijeka – Zagreb – Budapest on the Corridor 5B; it is 504 km long and thanks to the newly constructed motorway, it takes six hours to get from one end to the other. A train needs 24 hours for the same route covering a distance of 592 km. The transit route for the markets in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia is directed to the Pan-European Corridor 10 as well.